Who would have ever thought that in a place like San Severino Marche there could be such an extraordinarily beautiful location as Villa Teloni?
        And who would have ever expected to find inside a married couple so in love like Lauren and Douglas, ready to celebrate their marriage with us with their sweetness and enthralling energy?

        This is yet another demonstration that Italy is truly a place of which, if you tried, you would never be able to list every single beauty.
        Once again she managed to surprise us and it was wonderful to be hosted in what would have been their and our home for three days.

        They made us feel part of their family, we got to know Scotland through the sound of a bagpipe and their kilts embellished with very fine decorations to then come back to enjoy a delicious plate of traditional lasagne. We danced, smiled and had fun with them wrapped in the frame of a sunset that couldn’t wait to color their happy smiles that day.

        This tale begins in Scotland and ends in Italy;
        Lauren and Douglas, however, will start from a forever and we are not grateful that they have shared and chosen us to tell it.