An ancient beauty, rich in history, which shines again. A romantic wedding, with warm Mediterranean vibrations, in a dimension suspended in time. This is the theme of the styled shoot that I created in collaboration with Mirka Pascale, to inspire couples who dream of their wedding at Villa di Maiano. The location is one of the most prestigious estates in Italy and, for those who know how to look at it with attentive eyes , reveals a double soul, where refinement and simplicity coexist. The styled shoot highlights this dual face.

        Villa di Maiano, between elegance and simplicity for a dream wedding

        Villa di Maiano is a historic building nestled in the green hills of Tuscany, just a short distance from Florence. With its roots dating back to the 15th century, this villa is full of rich history and architectural charm. Over the years, new elements of neoromantic and neogothic design have been added, resulting in a harmonious blend of different spaces.

        Each of these spaces can provide a picturesque setting for a wedding or a beautiful backdrop for a photoshoot. From the grand ballroom to the tapestry room, from the ancient library filled with books collected by Sir John Temple Leader, to the poolside loggia with its elegant brick and stone details. The central neogothic tower and the colonnade, leading to the upper panoramic terrace with a magnificent view of Florence, add even more character to the villa.

        As you descend the serene stone staircase, you come across the lower terrace, which houses a large Italian garden. It is here that the Villa di Maiano‘s simpler and more rustic side shines through. The old lemon greenhouse, which closes off the north side of the garden, presents a romantic and gently decaying view. It exudes a quiet beauty that is ready to be awakened once again.

        When capturing the essence of Villa di Maiano through photography, I strive to showcase the unique blend of history, architecture, and natural beauty that this location offers. Whether it’s capturing the intricate details of the villa’s design or the tranquil atmosphere of the surrounding gardens, my goal is to create timeless and captivating images that reflect the magic of Villa di Maiano.

        Romantic setup
        and magical beauty

        The atmosphere of the lemon house has captivated us so much that we decided to transform it into the perfect place for the bride to prepare for her wedding. We used old trunks and vintage lanterns to create a charming setting. The soft autumn light highlighted the natural and Mediterranean color palette, which included shades of red, ivory, and orange, complementing the lime-washed walls. We skillfully captured the beauty of Villa di Maiano, showcasing its unique ambiance and surroundings.

        For Alessandro of Jardin Divers, the wedding ceremony was a truly breathtaking experience. The venue, Villa di Maiano, provided the perfect backdrop for the occasion. The talented team at Jardin Divers created a magnificent green and vibrant floral decoration that was truly a work of art. The stunning display was enhanced by the soft glow of hundreds of candles, adding a touch of romance to the atmosphere.

        The groom looked dashing in his total black tuxedo, while the bride stole the show in a Flora mermaid gown. This crochet cotton masterpiece featured a captivating V-neckline that accentuated the bride’s figure and showcased her back. The dress was completed with an exquisite long and graceful train, adding that extra touch of elegance.

        When it came to the bride’s hairstyle, simplicity was the key. Soft, flowing locks framed her face, giving her a relaxed and natural look. This choice perfectly complemented the overall aesthetic of the wedding and added a touch of effortless beauty.

        The wedding photos captured by the photographer tell a story of romance and sophistication. The enchanting Villa di Maiano served as the perfect backdrop, giving the images a timeless and majestic feel. Every detail, from the intricate floral arrangements to the bride’s captivating beauty, was expertly captured, ensuring that these precious memories will last a lifetime.

        Whether it was the stunning venue, the breathtaking floral design, or the effortless beauty of the bride, this wedding was truly a sight to behold. The photographer successfully captured the essence of the day, showcasing the beauty and elegance that Villa di Maiano and Jardin Divers brought to this unforgettable occasion.

        While I was shooting I had the feeling of capturing a dimension suspended in time, like in a dream.

        Recreating the atmosphere of Villa di Maiano Firenze for a wedding reception was a challenge we gladly took on. We wanted to capture the dual nature of this beautiful location – refined yet unpretentious.

        To achieve this, we decided to keep the reception setup simple and elegant. The banquet table was left bare, adorned only with intricately carved charger plates. Copper cutlery, faceted glassware, and warm, natural-toned table linens completed the mise en place.

        The whole scene was brought to life by stunning floral arrangements, strategically placed to create an elegant suspended garden atmosphere. The combination of these elements created a harmonious setting that perfectly reflected the essence of Villa di Maiano Firenze.

        After a walk in the wonderful Italian garden, where I portrayed the couple on a romantic swing overlooking the Florence cathedral, there was a change of clothes for the bride… The second dress, designed by Jenny Packham, was chosen for refinement and glamour: embellished with hand-made embroidery on silk chiffon, with a silhouette capable of enhancing the figure with delicacy and elegance.

        After changing outfits, we moved towards the charming poolside loggia, which, with its vibrant colors, has become one of my favorite locations for this styled shoot at Villa di Maiano. To wrap up, we then proceeded with the cake cutting, just like in any wedding worth its salt.

        Villa di Maiano in Florence is such a picturesque setting for capturing special moments. The stunning landscapes and architectural wonders lend themselves perfectly to create the dreamiest photographs. The beautiful villa with its rich history and elegant surroundings adds a touch of romanticism to any wedding shoot.

        Located near the city of Florence, Villa di Maiano offers a unique blend of nature and history. The lush green gardens filled with fragrant flowers provide a captivating backdrop for capturing the pure essence of love and celebration. The timeless beauty of this location makes every shot truly special.

        As a photographer, I am always in awe of how the colors and textures of this stunning villa enhance the beauty of every image. Whether it’s the warm sunlight filtering through the trees, the vibrant hues of flowers in full bloom, or the elegant stone architecture, Villa di Maiano never fails to create a magical atmosphere.

        The loggia by the pool is particularly captivating. Its vibrant colors add an artistic flair to the photographs, creating a sense of joy and celebration. It’s no wonder that it has become one of my favorite spots for capturing unforgettable moments of happiness and love.

        And of course, what would a wedding be without the timeless tradition of cutting the cake? The grand finale of any wedding, the cake cutting ceremony brings everyone together in anticipation and joy. Villa di Maiano provides the perfect setting for this beautiful tradition, with its elegant and romantic ambiance.

        In conclusion, Villa di Maiano in Florence is truly a photographer’s dream. With its enchanting landscapes, rich history, and picturesque architecture, it effortlessly creates a magical atmosphere for capturing the most cherished moments of love and happiness. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to document this styled shoot at such a breathtaking location.

        The beaut1y of the villa,
        printed on paper

        One element that made this styled shoot even more special was the elegant wedding stationery created in collaboration with Federica Bettarini, also known as La Precisina. We had handmade parchment invitations, adorned with a monogram specially created for the occasion. The envelopes were sealed with wax and had small dried flowers, adding a touch of charm.

        To complement the table setting, we also had coordinated menus that beautifully matched the overall aesthetic. Additionally, our guests received watercolor postcards showcasing the exquisite views of Villa di Maiano in Florence, including the stunning Italian garden and the captivating fresco of the Goddess Fortuna.

        Federica’s creations, featuring natural hues ranging from hazelnut to green, captured the magic of the setup and the timeless beauty of the location on paper. These stunning details will forever be etched in our memories and are a testament to the enchanting experience we had at Villa di Maiano Firenze.

        Some curiosities about the Villa di Maiano

        For this styled shoot, special thanks go to Isabella Battaggia, owner of Villa di Maiano who opened the doors of her home to us, showing us this location in all its beauty. Isabella today is the historical memory of the estate, so I took the opportunity to ask her a few questions.

        Some curiosities about the Villa di Maiano

        For this styled shoot, special thanks go to Isabella Battaggia, owner of Villa di Maiano who opened the doors of her home to us, showing us this location in all its beauty. Isabella today is the historical memory of the estate, so I took the opportunity to ask her a few questions.

        Isabella, can you tell us some curiosities about Villa di Maiano?

        Anyone who knows me knows how much I love this house. A habit that I cherish and to which I am very attached is talking, virtually, with the good souls who have lived here and who still help me maintain the magic of this unique place today. And I’m not just talking about the hosts but also about the other people who populated this place, from the coachman to the gardeners.

        Is there a room, a view, or an element of the villa that you prefer?

        The room on the first floor. It was my mother’s room and I have been working for 3 years to open it to guests. I even reassembled an ancient empire bed, with a truly imposing canopy with 4 meter high columns. It will give you dream nights.

        Unique ancient books can be found around the villa. How did the collection come about and what meaning do they have for you?

        The villa has remained a home to all intents and purposes and none of us has ever thrown away anything of what we keep, therefore it preserves a thousand memories and particular objects accumulated over the years, starting from 1800. We have many books and even manuscripts dating back to 1600 which we are tidying up with the help of an archivist. I am fascinated by these volumes and photographs, I immerse myself in the diaries and discover incredible things. Now I’m reading a diary from 1920 and I found a sketch of the project for our Italian garden… Impossible not to be passionate about it! In some way I too am writing small memories and leaving messages in the objects I restore…

        I love the villa and I preserve it with love, which is also why I always try to make every bride who chooses to celebrate her wedding here feel at home. It’s incredible how every wedding, from the simplest to the most sumptuous, manages to harmonize with Villa di Maiano.

        Another curiosity: the lemon grove where you took the photo bears my name because as a child I wrote it everywhere! And also because I have always believed so much in the need to give more importance to gardens.

        Villa di Maiano is truly a dream place, where time has remained suspended, and I hope that my photos are able to convey to you the amazement and emotions I felt while I was taking them. If you find inspiration for your wedding in this styled shoot, contact me. I will be happy to build the story of your most beautiful day with you.

        Stay tunned!

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